GAA Green Club - Travel



The Travel & Transport ‘How To’ document gives an overview of what is included in the Green Club Travel Toolkit as well as some handy tips encouraging active and sustainable travel in your club. This section includes practical case studies from clubs who are engaged in active travel projects. See for a full collection of Green Club case studies.






The Green Club Travel & Transport Toolkit contains a wide range of ideas for promoting and supporting active and sustainable travel in Gaelic Games clubs. Not all of these ideas will make sense for your club – some ideas will work better in cities and towns, some will make sense for clubs on the outskirts of large population centres and some will work well in rural clubs. The ‘Start by’ document will help your club identify the Green Club Travel resources that make the most sense for your club and the Cyclability and Walkability audits are really useful first steps for clubs interested in promoting cycling and walking in their club and community.




This section contains suggestions for a wide range of actions that clubs can undertake to promote active and sustainable travel. There’s a lot of great ideas here - we’d recommend that clubs choose one or two simple actions to start with and use the ‘Start by’ tool in the Assess section for guidance in identifying the travel & transport actions that would work best in your club and community.







The Travel Action Plan is a simple template to help your club plan and track your active and sustainable travel & transport actions.




These posters and social media templates will help you communicate your Green Club travel & transport actions throughout the club.