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Tobar Frequently Asked Questions

Click the link below to find out how to create an account in Tobar.

How to create an Account.

All users using the new Tobar platform for the first time are required to change their password. Click to reset your password at the login screen. A password reset email will be sent to you, once you have an account already on the system. Please make sure to check your spam folders for this email.

If this email does not arrive, it is likely that an account does not exist for this email address.

You can try create a new account and the system will tell you if an account already exists for that email address. If this occurs you can seek assistance at [email protected]

This can happen for some accounts and is due to a cookie in the user's browser that was generated by the old site and is interfering with the new updated site.  This causes authetication to fail.  To fix this issue the user should delete the cookies in their browser and try again.  Only the cookies for the domain need to be deleted if you prefer to maintain other cookies.  

An alternative is to try another browser type.  

All electronic certificates are issued automatically via email from the learning portal when courses are fully processed by the course tutor.  

In phase II of Tobar we will display user certificates in the "My Achievements" tab of the user Dashboard.  Alternatively users can retrieve these from their Moodle profile at the back end of the site by going to their profile and in the "More" tab they can find "My Certificates". 

Moodle Profile  

No. Tobar is a learning platform. For membership and other games management related information you should go to Foireann.


You first need to sync your Tobar account with your Foireann account.  To do this, click on the green button on the top of the page in Tobar "Foireann Connect".  If this button is not visible, then the accounts are already synchronised.

Qualifications are displayed in the Profile section of Foireann under "Qualifications & Vetting". 

If there is no information in here and you expect to see something, you can seek assistance at [email protected]

You cn search for a course using the new filter based navigation feature in Tobar.  First select the relevant category, e.g. coach, then you can narrow down your search using Resource type and selcting "Course". 

You can narrow this further by County or by Code. 

Click the link below to go to all courses:

All Courses

Some courses are restricted to a specific cohort of people and the coordinator applies an enrolment key to ensure the course numbers are limited to that cohort.  If the coordinator has applied an enrolment key then they will communicate this to the expected participants with the course details.  Please check with your coordinator or Club for this enrolment key.  

The parental consent code is requied for parents or guardians who wish to set up an account for a child in their care who is under the digital age of consent which is 16 in Ireland.  To request this code, the parent or guardian should email [email protected] and outline who they are requesting the code for.