Primary School Teacher Resources

Introduction to Gaelic Games

Gaelic Games 

Developing Physical Movement Skills

Physical Literacy Skill Cards


 Balance  Catching & Passing


 Jumping  Running




Developing Hurling/Camogie Skills

Hurling Skills

Handball Fundamental Skills

Camogie Skills

Camogie - 'Caman Get a Grip'

Developing Gaelic Football Skills

Gaelic Football Skills

Handball Fundamental Skills

Ladies Gaelic Football Skill Cards

LGFA Skill Cards

Developing Rounders Skills

Rounders Skills 

Rounders Skills

Developing Handball Skills

Handball Skills 

Handball Fundamental Skills

Go Games

GAA Go Games

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Other Resources

 Integrating Maths & PE

 Literacy & Numeracy  School Self-Evaluation

 PE Guidelines for MILD

PE Guidelines

  PE Curriculum

Video Links

"The Role of the Coach in the Primary School: Making a Lasting Impact" by Richard Bowles
"Becoming a Child Friendly Coach" by Eamonn Ryan
"Mol an Óige" by Paudie O'Neill & Jody O'Connor