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Implementing a Club & School Nursery Programme - Liam Óg Gormley  


"Social Media as a Tool in Child Games Development" by Eoin Morrissey


"Revitalising Your club: Edenderry, A Casestudy" by Colm Cummins & Willie Forde


"Go Games Forum: The (R)Evolution in Gaelic Games" - Diarmuid Lyng, Mary O'Connor, Juliet Murphy, Christy O' Connor, Mickey Whelan & Pat Culhane


"The (R)Evolution in Gaelic Games" by Pat Culhane


"Implementing a Games Based Approach to Gaelic Games" by Peter Casey


"Providing a Comprehensive Go Games Programme" by Paul McCarthy & Simon Gillespie



"Providing a Comprehensive Go Games Programme" by Liam Cheasty


"Developing AFL Footballers" by Cameron Bruce 


 "Becoming a Child Friendly Coach" by Eamonn Ryan


 "Mol an Óige" by Paudie O'Neill & Jody O'Connor


 "Developing Competent, Confident Children" by Paudie Butler


 "Getting the best out of the child or adult - the fundamentals are the same" by John Allen


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