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The Gaelic Games Associations are committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all young people who wish to participate in our Gaelic Games and activities. We will take all practicable steps to protect them from discernable forms of abuse - from harm, discrimination or degrading treatment and shall respect their rights, wishes and feelings.

Anyone working around children in a Gaelic Games setting must complete a Child Safeguarding course every 3 years. These courses are run in every county throughout the year. To find a course in your area click the tile below.

The Child Safeguarding 1 online Refresher Course launched in September 2019 allows coaches and other volunteers who have already attended a full face to face Safeguarding 1 session in the past 3 years to refresh the course online. It is also important to note that one cannot complete 2 online refresher courses in succession - a refresher course MUST be followed by a full workshop if one is to maintain their cover.  It is an interactive eLearning course split into 6 separate modules.  Click the tile below to find out more.  

Virtual Safeguarding 1 Workshops are organised on a Club or County basis. You will need to contact either your Club or County Children’s Officer to put your name on their list for safeguarding training.