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Cul Camp & Club Camp Assistant Child Safeguarding Awareness Programme 2023

The Safeguarding 1 Workshop (3hrs) is organised by Club/County Children’s Officers or Games Development Mangers for those working at Cúl or Club Camps.

Cúl/Club Camp Coaches

Coaches, as a minimum, must have achieved a coaching qualification, must be satisfactorily vetted and have attended relevant Child Safeguarding Training (3hrs). Coaches must be at least 18 yrs. of age.


A supervisor is not a coach, but a person appointed to assist in normal supervisory roles. A Supervisor must be an adult and is required to be vetted and have attended relevant Child Safeguarding Training (3hrs).

Safeguarding Refresher Programme

The Safeguarding Refresher Programme is available for any person having previously completed the Safeguarding 1 Workshop, or any person who has attended an LSP or other Sports NGB’s safeguarding training and any person who has attended the Sport Northern Ireland Safeguarding 1 training but who has not attended the Gaelic Games Associations equivalent within the last 3 years.

Cúl/Club Camp Assistants

The role of Camp Assistant is that of assisting and not coaching or supervising. Camp Assistants must be at least 16 yrs. of age and must be satisfactorily vetted. Camp Assistants have a key role to play in the running of Cúl Camps and Clubs Camps in the GAA. Like all others who work with children Camp Assistants must either attend their allocated Safeguarding 1 Workshop or the camp assistant programme (video) prior to commencing their role at the camp.