GAA Governance

Last updated: 13 January 2021


This page contains the latest information on the GAA’s Governance Guide. 

Governance is the system of rules, practices, and processes by which the Association and all of its Units are directed and controlled.  The Governance Guide represents the set of standards for all GAA Units on how their affairs should be conducted.

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The GAA provides a range of training options for Club and County Officers on good governance.

Club Officers

For more information on the ‘Doing Things Right – Good Governance in your GAA Club’ module, visit:

Alternatively, please contact your County Development Officer -

A six-module Governance Course will be offered to Club Officers by the end of 2021.

County Officers

The GAA has developed a course called ‘Leading GAA Governance’ to improve the knowledge of County Officers on the Association's Governance Guide and help them strengthen governance practices in their counties.

Leading GAA Governance consists of an eLearning module which explains the five principles of good governance espoused by the Association, and a suite of webinars covering best practice in areas such as finance, IT, insurance, human resources, and games development and child safeguarding.

For more information on the ‘Leading GAA Governance’ course, contact your county Development Officers if you do not already know about it.


GAA Governance Guide

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Exercising Control

Transparency and Accountability

Operating Effectively

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