GAA / PDST Future Leaders Solo Challenge


Due to the worldwide Covid19 pandemic, we are living in very different times. The GAA / PDST Future Leaders Solo Challenge is designed to promote positivity, physical activity and wellbeing among young people, while encouraging them to stay at home and follow HSE guidelines at the same time. 

It is a student and teacher challenge which will run for a number of weeks.

There will be different challenges each week, all linked to the modules in the programme. 

To get involved, students and teachers record videos of themselves doing the various challenges and upload them to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Students can enter as many videos they like for as many of the challenges they like each week! 

Be as creative and as imaginative as you like but remember to stay safe while doing the challenges and at all times follow the HSE guidelines.

"GAA Solo 2 Week 1 Challenges Announced''

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To enter a video please make sure to do the following;

  1. Give your name
  2. Give the name of your school
  3. Tag GAA Future Leaders in the post
  4. Use the hashtag #GAASolo2 
  5. Don't forget to nominate some of your friends or family! 


Instagram: @gaafutureleader       Twitter: @gaafutureleader        Facebook: @gaafutureleader

Terms & Conditions;

Videos of the GAA Solo 2 weekly challenges that are shared with us on our social media platforms, using the hashtag #GAASolo2, will be entered into the weekly competitions, whether we share them on our page or not. Please be aware that if you share a video with us for entry into the competitions, using the hashtag #GAASolo2, those videos may be used by our partners in this initiative O'Neills Sportswear on their platforms also.

Weekly Challenges:

You can do any or all of these as many times as you want! We will have different challenges each week;

Week 1: 

a) Hurling & Gaelic Football Skills Challenge - Can you complete Limerick's Tom Morrissey Hurling Wall Ball Volley Challenge or Clare's Podge Collins Football Hand Pass or Kicking Accuracy Challenges? 


Stand about 10 feet back from the wall and strike the ball against the wall, vollying or doubling on it each time it returns without catching or controling it on the hurley. See how many you can get in a row!


Handpass - Pick or put a target on the wall and from about 10 feet back hit the target with a handpass. The handpasses should be every second side, right hand, left hand and so on. How many times can you hit the target in 30 seconds?

Footbass - Using that same target, this time from about 10 meters back, hit the target with a kickpass. The kickpasses should be every second side, right foot, left foot and so on. How many times can you hit the target in 30 seconds?

b) Crest Design Challenge -  Put your artistic talents to good use and design a new crest for your Club, School or County. It would be great to see photos of the process from start to finish. 

c) Wellbeing Challenge – It's very important to keep active while at home, so we are challenging you to send us videos of the home workouts or TikTok dance routines you are using to keep fit. 

d) GAA Solo 2 Recipes For Success Challenge – This weeks challenge is to prepare / bake one of the "Healthy Snacks" from the Recipes for Success book



It will be incentivised with weekly individual and school prizes.

Individual Prizes:

4 O'Neill's Half-zip tops for the best videos in each challenge EACH WEEK!  

O'Neill's Bobble Hats EACH WEEK!

School Prizes:

Each week we will give an O’Neills training pack with two sets of training bibs, footballs and sliotars to the schools with the most entries.

Please check our social media for the winners each week.


GAA / PDST Future Leaders Programme

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