Future Leaders Module Details

Leagan Gaeilge

The Professional Development Service for Teachers ( PDST) are our partners in this programme and will be providing training and development to the teachers involved in this initiative. The PDST have been involved in the preparation of the Future Leaders programme providing advice on curriculum links, ensuring alignment with the TY programme, embedding the core concept of Physical Literacy, developing educational resources and delivering training to the participating schools. The PDST are Ireland’s largest professional development support service for teachers and the teacher training programme they have designed for the Future Leaders project complement curriculum and assessment practices in the TY classroom relevant to the modules listed below. The six modules meaningfully relate to several curriculum areas, promoting the development of Physical Literacy in particular and also encompassing the key skills taught at Junior Cycle.  

“The PDST team are delighted to be part of this wonderfully innovative project which provides rich opportunities for students to develop in the most holistic sense in line with the principles of the TY programme. I believe that this initiative provides a unique and creative learning pathway for young people to acquire skills which are both sports related and transferable not only across the curriculum, but beyond TY itself. It is a privilege to work with the schools involved and our colleagues in the GAA “ .

Ciara O'Donnell, National Director of the PDST 

Course Structure:

  • The programme consists of 7 Modules.
  • Once the Overview Module is completed, the other modules are released.
  • The modules vary in length, in general they are 6 – 10 hours long.
  • Each module is stand alone and individually certifiable.
  • A school can choose to deliver one or more modules.
  • Completing 5 modules (Overview Module + 4 others)


  • Organising GAA Super Games / GoGames / Fun & Run or any event linked to any module.


                 GAA Future Leaders Award


GAA Future Leaders Modules

  • Future Leaders Event Management & Sports Administration Module
  • Future Leaders FMS & Coaching of Hurling/Football Module 
  • Future Leaders Refereeing Module
  • Future Leaders Sports Journalism Module
  • Future Leaders Performance Analysis Module
  • Future Leaders Nutrition Module
  • Future Leaders Wellbeing Module
  • Pupils will receive an e-Certificate for each completed module.

Each module is translated to Irish, so a school can choose to complete it in either Irish or English.

Updates to Programme 2019/20

1) One task per module.

2) Tasks are uploaded directly to schools page in the “School Zone”.

3) Schools must do Overview Module first.

4) To get the overall Future Leaders Award students must;

  • Complete Overview Module + 4 other modules.
  • Organise at least one FL Event
  • Document “My Future Leaders Journey” in their ePortfolio throughout the year.

Recommended Format:

  • Schedule Module Delivery prior to the organisation of the SGC
  • Organise Super Games Centre/Community Coaching Scheme between Jan – May


GAA Foundation Coaching & Physical Literacy Award:


Future Leaders GAA TY Refereeing Module:

Future Leaders GAA TY Sports Journalism Module

Future Leaders GAA TY Performance Analysis Module              


Future Leaders GAA TY Event Management Module

Future Leaders GAA TY Wellness Module

Future Leaders GAA TY Nutrition Module                   


  • As pupils complete tasks for each Module, they upload the evidence and documentation for these to their e-Portfolio.
  • Pupils receive certification for each module when all the tasks are completed and submitted to their e-Portfolio.