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The ‘How To’ document gives an overview of what is included in the Green Club Waste Toolkit as well as some handy tips for effective action on Waste. The ‘Waste Toolkit Overview’ includes more details of each of the Waste Toolkit Resources. This section also includes practical case studies from clubs who have engaged in Green Club Waste activities. See for a full collection of Green Club case studies.

The Desktop Audit guidance helps you understand your waste by conducting a review of your bills while the General Audit guidance provides advice on a more in-depth practical review of your waste practices and facilities around the club. The Waste Questionnaire, in printable and online versions, is designed to enable interested clubs to gather initial baseline knowledge around how waste is managed in the club.

This section contains guidance on simple, practical actions your club can take to reduce the amount of waste produced in the club and to improve waste segregation and recycling.

The Waste Action Plan template contains suggestions of various waste management actions that can be undertaken within your club and helps you select and track your priority actions and includes a sample completed action plan.

These posters and social media templates will help you communicate your Green Club waste actions throughout the club. They include posters and social media assets on eliminating single-use plastic bottles and coffee cups in Gaelic Games clubs as well as colourful, engaging poster promoting responsible waste practices.