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Check here to see if your Club is on the list








If YES, your Club has a Sports Body Tax Exemption











If YES, your Club is registered on the ROS System


a.  Gather required information from the Club Executive members and Club Property Trustees


An option for gathering information is through Microsoft Forms

How to create a Microsoft forms questionnaire


Example of Microsoft forms questionnaire for CRBOT 


b. Register your Club on the Central Register through ROS


CRBOT - ROS MyAccount Screenshot Guide



If NO, your Club is not registered on the ROS System


a.  Apply for a Tax advisor identification number





Send completed form to [email protected]

This application is required to give approval to a representative to register the Trust on behalf of the Club.


b.  Register on ROS



If NO, your Club has not got a  Sports Body tax exemption


Apply for tax exemption 

  Additional information from Revenue  


CRBOT Troubleshooting Manual


Note for GAA Units


Registering on CRBOT