GAA Strike It



Strike It includes the organisation of the following activities:

  • Goal to Goal
  • Over the River
  • 3 Goals In
  • Wall Ball – including Target Shoot & 1 Wall Handball
  • Freestyle Hurling
  • 2-Ball Conquest
  • Lift & Strike
  • Indoor Hurling
  • Ground Hurling

Ground Hurling preserves ground striking of the ball and it is also an ideal introductory activity in non-traditional Hurling areas as well as providing a strong basis for cross-fertilisation with other sports such as hockey, ice-hockey, shinty and bandy.

Strike It activities can be adjusted to suit a mix of genders, ages and/or abilities. 

This initiative is one of the activities of the GAA’s 5 Star Centre Initiative


GAA Activity Planner for Hurling, Football, Handball and Rounders


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