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Hit the Cones

Hurling – Challenge
  • Psychological Focus icon

This Challenge Activity is designed to develop children’s ball-handling skills, striking skills and improve control in movement relevant to skills, develop an understanding of the use of space in mini-games, and develop an understanding of the tactics and strategies for use in modified game situations


  • Mark out grid 40m long by 20m wide
  • Place a number of cones across the middle of the grid
  • Divide the class into teams of three to five players, one or two balls per team


  • The children in possession attempt to strike the ball from the hand aiming to hit the cones in the middle of the grid
  • For each successful strike, award one point


Equipment required:
  • Cones icon Cones
  • Markers icon Markers
  • Player icon Player
  • Sliotar icon Sliotar