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Batting a Ball Overhead - Target Bat

Hurling – Fun Routine
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This is a grid game to practice Batting a Ball Overhead


  • Divide the players into groups of five
  • Mark out a grid 15m by 15m; in the middle mark another grid 2m by 2m
  • Position one player at each corner of the larger grid, with a fifth player in the middle
  • The middle player throws the ball for each of the outer players to bat in turn
  • A score is awarded for each bat caught by the middle player
  • The middle player rotates after every four throws
  • Count the total number of catches after all of the players have completed the game

STEP Variation

Task - To increase the challenge; the middle player throws to each corner randomly


Equipment required:
  • Cones icon Cones
  • Player icon Player
  • Sliotar icon Sliotar