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Frontal Block - Chase & Block

Hurling – Practice Play
  • Technical Proficiency icon
  • Tactical Prowess icon

This is a game play drill to develop the Frontal Block technique requiring the players to perform the block on an opponent striking for a point


  • Place a cone 13m from the end line on either side of the goal area
  • The players line up in pairs to one side of the goals
  • Player A solos to the cone to strike the ball on the inside for a point
  • Player B follows and attempts to block
  • Award points for a successful block
  • Repeat the drill from either side of the goal
  • Reverse the roles of the players after every second go

STEP Variation

Task - To increase the challenge to the blocker; Give the attacking player a head start

Equipment required:
  • Cones icon Cones
  • Sliotar icon Sliotar