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Frontal Ground Block - Defend the Cone

Hurling – Fun Routine
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This fun game to develop the Frontal Ground Block technique challenges the Players’ to block a number of opponents in quick succession


  • Set up the games as shown
  • In turn the outer players attempt to strike the balls to hit the centre cone
  • The centre player moves to block each ball at the point of contact
  • The centre player must run back around the centre cone after each block
  • The Coach should signal for each of the outer players to begin moving
  • Change the blocker and repeat
  • The blocker who completes the greatest number of successful blocks is the winner

STEP Variation

Task - To increase the challenge, the Coach randomly calls which ball is to be contested, by assigning names or numbers to the outer players

Equipment required:
  • Cones icon Cones
  • Sliotar icon Sliotar