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Stopping a Ground Ball - Pass the Guards

Hurling – Fun Routine
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This is a fun game to develop the technique for stopping a ground ball


  • Mark out a grid 10m x 20m
  • Divide the players into three teams
  • One team acts as guards, forming a line across the centre of the grid
  • The second and third teams attempt to roll or throw the ball past the guards from either end of the grid
  • One point is scored each time a ball passes the guards
  • Each team has a turn in the centre

STEP Variation

Task - As the players develop, increase the distance between them and allow them to strike the sliotar

Equipment - A large sliotar makes the technique easier to perform; a smaller sliotar makes it more difficult

Equipment required:
  • Cones icon Cones
  • Markers icon Markers
  • Sliotar icon Sliotar