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Hurley & Beanball Relay

Hurling – Ball Sense
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This Ball Sense Activity is designed to develop children’s carrying and striking skills, develop problem solving and decision making strategies, and movement skills relevant to games


  • The children line up in teams of three behind one another along the length of yard/hall facing the cones, 3-5m away


  • On a signal from the teacher, the first child from each team runs to the cone
  • and back, carrying a beanball on the hurley
  • The second child then does the same
  • The teams must sit down/or crouch down when finished

Teaching Points

  •  With the ‘hurley hand’, each child grips hurley, pressing the thumb on the handle
  • Point the hurley forward and the ‘toe’ of the hurley facing
  • away from the body to the dominant side.
  • Keep the bas of the hurley flat
  • Place the beanball on the ‘bas’ of the hurley, keeping eyes on it
  • Encourage children to use the non-dominant hand to transfer possession of beanball to teammate
Equipment required:
  • Markers icon Markers
  • Sliotar icon Sliotar