Go Games Skill Challenges


The GAA Go Games Skill Challenges aim to encourage children (aged 7-12 years) to improve their hurling/camogie and Gaelic football skills.

It is intended that children will be intrinsically motivated to challenge themselves to improve their skills, with a particular emphasis on bilateral coordination. Children gauge their own progress, such as setting distances and recording their own scores.

The challenges can be taken either indididually or with a partner almost anywhere (at home, the club, school etc.). The challenges provide a good opportunity for coaches, teachers and parents/guardians to collaborate efforts to improve the children's Gaelic games skills. 

This initiative is one of the activities of the GAA’s 5 Star Centre Initiative

Check out the following videos to see  inter-county stars taking the challenges. 

Mags D’Arcy – Hand Pass

James MCarthy – Toe Tap

TJ Reid – Overhead Catch

Declan Hannon - Jab Lift & Solo Run


Shane Dowling & Declan Hannon - Partner Wall Strike & Control Challenge

James McCarthy - Banana Kick Challenge

Cian Breheny & Paul Mannion - Partner Hook Kick & Catch Challenge

David McInerney - Continuous Striking Challenge

Cian Breheny - Hook Kick & Catch Challenge

Mags D'Arcy - Roll Lift Challenge

TJ Reid - Wall Strike & Control Challenge

Sinead Finnegan - Kick & Catch Challenge

Shane Dowling - Corner Flag Challenge

Paul Mannion - Solo Run Challenge

David McInerney - Crossbar Challenge

Sinead Finnegan - Fist Pass

James McCarthy - Wall Punt-kick & Catch

TJ Reid and Mags D'Arcy - Partner Strike and Catch



Kevin Foley – Doubling on the Ball – GAA Go Games Skill Challenges

Kevin Foley – Doubling on the Ball – GAA Go Games Skill Challenges


Lee Chin - Sideline Cut

Lee Chin – Sideline Cut – GAA Go Games Skill Challenges


Kevin Foley - Solo & Strike 

Kevin Foley - Solo & Strike - Swipe TV & GAA Go Games Skill Challenges

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