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There are many different skills involved in the game of football.

The skills can be broadly broken down into those that involve Gaining Possession, Maintaining Possession, Releasing Possession and Contesting Possession. Many of these skills can be performed on the ground, without the need to get the ball into the hand and out of the hand.

  • Gaining Possession

Involves gaining possession and control of the football. Thus, skills such as catching and lifting are included.

  • Maintaining Possession

Once the football is under the control of the player, there are a number of skills which help the player in possession to maintain possession. These skills encompass soloing skills and evasion skills

  • Releasing Possession

Involves releasing the football, with either the hand or the foot. All of these skills should be performed and developed using both the left and right hand and foot.

  • Contesting Possession

Involves many of the skills used to tackle an opponent in possession, or to contest for possession when neither player is in possession of the football.

  • Other Skills
Other Skills involves a series of skills that allow players to perform in Gaelic Football

It should be noted that this method of "grouping" skills is only a suggestion, and there are a number of different ways of matching the skills together.

Gaining Possession Maintaining Possession Releasing Possession Contesting Possession Other Skills
The Crouch Lift The Bounce The Fist Pass Side to Side Charge Agility
The High Catch The Toe Tap The Hand Pass Checking/Shadowing Balance
The Body Catch The Feint/Side Step The Punk Kick The Near Hand Tackle Coordination
The Low Catch Evasion/Roll Off The Hook Kick The Block Down Catching and Passing
The Reach Catch   The Penalty Kick   Jumping