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GAA for Dads & Lads - Promotional Material & Resources 

Are you looking to set up a GAA for Dads & Lads team in your club or are trying to increase numbers taking part already? If so, the below resources can help to gather the attention of interested bodies. 

Social Media Assets

These assests can be used across your social media platforms to showcase and promote GAA for Dads & Lads.

These Canva templates will help you make your own social media posts, where you can add in your club logos and training times: Dads & Lads Canva Instructions

Facbook & Twitter Irish Instagram Irish Facebook & Twitter Englis Instagram English 

Instagram Story Posts: Instagram Stories 1 Instagram Stories 2 Instagram Stories 3 Instagram Stories 4 Instagram Stories 5 Instagram Story Irish

Instagram Wall Posts: Instagram Wall 1 Instagram Wall 2 Instagram Wall 3 Instagram Wall 4 Instagram Wall 5 Instagram Wall Irish

Facebook & Twitter Posts: Facebook & Twitter 1 Facebook & Twitter 2 Facebook & Twitter 3 Facebook & Twiiter 4 Facebook & Twiiter 5 Facebook & Twitter Irish

Dads & Lads Posters

Post these up around your clubhouse to catch the attention of some Dads & Lads that might be interested in getting invovled. 

Dads & Lads A2 Landscape 

Dads & Lads A2 Portrait 

Social Football & Hurling 

Dads & Lads A2 Potrait (2)

Dads & Lads Logos

We have an array of differnt logos styles and types for you if you are looking to produce your own assets or require the logos for other use.

Dads & Lads JPEG Dads & Lads PNG Dads & Lads Keyline  Dads & Lads Single Colour Dads & Lads White


These brand guideline will give you an idea on how you can use the logos for assets you are creating and what you can and cannot change. 

Dads & Lads Brand Guidelines