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Cúlabú is an English online digital resource for primary school teachers and is primarily targeted at 5th & 6th classes. 

It is not our aim that the resource replaces any other resource used by teachers in their role, but that it can be used to compliment the traditional resources and be used at the will of the teacher.  

Cúlabú Aim:


The aim of the resource is to provide teachers with a platform that enables them to create a stimulating and fun learning environment while reaching curriculum goals using the GAA values (Community Identity, Amateur Status, Inclusiveness, Respect, Player Welfare & Teamwork) as a theme.


Each GAA value provides the teacher with a lesson plan allowing them to meet curriculum objectives across a range of subjects. The activities are designed to meet the learning needs of all types of learners within the classroom and to promote differentiation and inclusivity.


Each value is structured into 3 main parts:

  1. ‘Learn’ - introduces the GAA value and interesting facts and tasks to stimulate engagement with the children 

  2. ‘Play’ - includes a series of Activities related to different subjects from the curriculum. Linkage and integration are also addressed.There is also a Game to reinforce learning.

  3. ‘Cúl Down’ - provides a series of questions which encourages children to discuss and assess their learning


Click image to open the Cúlabú resource


Assessment for learning and children’s self assessment can be facilitated using a KWL grid.


Further resources and information regarding planning and assessment can be found on the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment website here 


Cúlabú Guidelines