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To access information on the Rules and Regulations of the GAA along with copies of the Official Guides and Codes click HERE


Common Questions

Q. When should the Club AGM be held?

A. In accordance with Article 8.3 of the Club Constitution, an Annual General Meeting shall be held at such a time as shall be decided upon by the Executive Committee. The Annual General Meeting shall not be held later than 30th November without prior approval of the County Committee. 

Q. Who can vote at the AGM?

A. In accordance with Article 9.1 of the Club Constitution, only Full Members, whos membership feeds are paid up to date in accordance with Code 8, and who are not suspended or disqualified under this Constitution, Rules or the Official Guides and Codes, shall be eligible to vote at a General Meeting. The onus shall be on the member to prove that the member has paid their subscription. 

Q. What business shall be discussed at the AGM?

A. In accordance with Article 8.4 of the Club Constitution, the following business shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting:

   (a) Adoption of Standing Orders

   (b) Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting

   (c) Consideration of the Annual Report submitted by the Secretary 

   (d)  Consideration of the Financial Statements including the Report of the Accountant(s) or Audit(s).

   (e) The Chairperson's Address

   (f) Election of Officers and Members of the Executive Committee

   (g) Notices of Motion

   (h) Other Business 

** Note: "Other Business" does not include the appointment of Managers/Coaches/Selectors of teams which is the business of the Executive Committee of the Club.

Q. What happens if positions on the Club Executive Committee aren't filled at the AGM?

A. In accordance with Article 8.6 of the Club Constitution, in the event of the number of Nominees for any particular Executive Committee position being equal to or less than the number of positions to be filled, such Nominees shall be declared elected, and any positions left unfilled, due to the lack of Nominees or Nominees withdrawing, shall be filled by the new Executive Committee, as soon as practical after the Annual General Meeting.