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GAA – ‘Your Game, Your Brain’

The ‘Your Game, Your Brain’ is a new campaign designed to increase awareness of the effects of alcohol on both brain health and sporting performance.

The target audiences for ‘Your Game, Your Brain’ are:

  • Young athletes with still developing brains
  • Sports coaches
  • Parents of young athletes

Research shows that the adolescent brain continues to develop, on average, until 25 years-of-age, during which time it has a greater sensitivity to alcohol. During the crucial developmental period up to the age of 25-years, the brain is undergoing some of the most important changes of our lifetime. It is building the mechanics that support more sophisticated thinking skills like planning, judgement, decision making, goal setting and sustained attention – all of which underpin sporting performance and achievement.

Using social and digital media, the campaign seeks to tap into young athletes’ love of sport and their desire to be the best they can be. The campaign message is delivered via a simulation of the notorious fitness ‘Beep Test’ to translate what could be a complex concept into something more relatable to the sporting audience. Other campaign assets utilise an action shot of a player that is buffering, implying a slower than optimal connection to a generation for whom connectivity is currency.   

Your Game, Your Brain - Campaign Assets

The Video, Poster and Instagram assests below have been devloped for clubs to use to promote awareness of the effects of alcohol on the devloping brain - please feel free to download and use them in your club.



Your Game, Your Brain - Video for website. Click on image to open


Your Game, Your Brain - Video for Social Media Platforms. Click on image to open



A2 Poster for display in clubs. Click on image below to open



Image for use on Instagram Wall. Click on image below to open


Image for use in match programmes. Click on image below to open



As part of the 'Your Game, Your Brain' campaign all units within the Gaelic Games family are encouraged to ensure that they have an up-to-date Substance Use policy in place.  For more info on our Substance Use policy 

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