GAA Referee Handbook - Advantage

Football and Hurling
When the referee has adjudicated that a foul has been committed (either Technical or Aggressive) he may allow play to continue if he considers it to be to the advantage of the offended team.
He may allow this advantage to run for up to five seconds after the foul or for less time if is clear that no advantage has accrued.
Whether or not a free kick/puck is awarded the referee shall apply any other relevant Disciplinary Action.
Advantage is signalled by the referee raising an arm upright and maintaining in an upright position for the period of the advantage.
If no advantage accrues then the referee shall award a free for the foul from where it occurred. For the avoidance of doubt a free kick/puck shall be awarded even if the fouled player/team has a shot at goal which is saved or goes wide.
Foul Subsequent to Advantage Award
If, during the advantage period, a foul is committed by a player of the team which was originally fouled then the advantage is cancelled and a free kick/puck awarded for the “second” foul.
If, during the advantage period, another foul is committed against the team which received the original advantage, then a free kick/puck will be awarded for the “second” foul if it is considered more advantageous than the original.

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