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What's New?

What is this?

An exciting feature of the new Tobar platform is the integration with Foireann, our Games Management System. This integration allows for the communication of learning content completed by a registered user to their account on Foireann. The information received by Foireann from Tobar can then be available to each member through their Foireann account and also to relevant officials in a club with responsibilities around membership compliance. Click on the video below to learn more about syncing your Tobar account with your account on Foireann.

I have no Green "Foireann Connect" button on my Tobar account?

Approximately 50k accounts were manually mapped across to Foireann prior to the Learning Portal upgrade. These were accounts that we could positively identify the members on both systems. For these accounts there will be no green "Foireann Connect" button.

My qualifications are not showing in Foireann?

If it transpires that you cannot see qualifications and you expect to see them in Foireann, it is possible that you have multiple Foireann accounts. The solution here is to request your Club to merge all your Foireann accounts to one single account.

In addition only courses managed through Tobar are synced with Foireann, i.e. GAA courses since 2013 and select LGFA/Camogie courses since 2023.


  • If you don't see the Green button above, your account is already synced
  • If your accounts are synced and you cant see your certs, you likely have multiple Foireann accounts
  • Only courses managed through Tobar are communicated to Foireann

Tobar incorporates a new user friendly interface with a simple navigation functionality based upon applying filters to narrow down your search for content. Click on the video below for a demonstration of how to navigate through the content.

New Feature Coming Soon!

Tobar aims to empower members to embark on personalised learning journeys tailored to their specific needs. The Learning Portal allows for the creation of adaptive learning paths and personalised content recommendations. A major part of this personalisation of the platform is through the implentation of a new Personal Dashboard for each registered learner. The dashboard enables the user to create their own 'Playlist' of content relevant to their needs as well as recommending content for the user based on interests and information input into their profile. Click the video below to learn more about the personal dashboard.
  • My Playlist
  • Recently Accessed
  • My Courses
  • My Achievements
  • Recommended Learning

New Feature

New coaching milestones and badges have been introduced to provide clarity around what is required for volunteers who wish to get involved in coaching, and also to encourage continuous engagement in the coach education pathway. Click the video below to learn more about the new coaching milestones.


Bronze Coaching Milestone

Silver Coaching Milestone

Gold Coaching Milestone

New Feature Coming Soon!

Tobar leverages gamification techniques to foster user engagement and motivation. As previously, learners can access interactive modules, assessments, and multimedia content, but we have introduced gamified elements such as badges, leaderboards, progress tracking, and rewards in order to encourage continuous participation and to create a sense of achievement for learners.

The highly successful Activity Planner has been given a facelift. The planner is now aligned with the new Gaelic Games Player Pathway and has a new more user-friendly, mobile friendly interface. Click on the Planner Button in the header above to have a look.