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The Introduction to Gaelic Games Coaching (ICGG) Award is the introductory award for coaches of Gaelic games.  

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The course is aimed at beginner coaches from across the Gaelic games codes of Hurling, Camogie, Gaelic Football and Ladies Gaelic Football.  

The ICGG Award course has been designed to support new coaches develop a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, competencies, and values for coaching the child, youth or adult playing population.

The Introduction to Coaching Gaelic Games award is structured around three key elements:

  1. The Coach | ‘Being a Coach’, ‘How to Coach’, and ‘Preparation for Planning’.
  2. The Player | ‘Who are you coaching?’. Whether they are child, youth or adult players, male or female and address the need to be inclusive.
  3. The Game | a focus on movement for Gaelic games, skill development and games.

This programme will provide coaches with awareness, knowledge and experiences related to:

  • Why do you Coach? | Each coach is an individual, and each will bring their own skills and characteristics to our games.
  • How do you Coach? | A set of skills and behaviours which coaches can use in games and training sessions
  • What do you Coach? | The games and developmental activities that can be used by coaches, and how to structure sessions to hone the skills of players
  • Who do you Coach? | The specific players that a coach has within their team/group; looking at age, stages of the player pathway they are at, the importance of inclusivity and how it impacts upon their coaching


  1. Describe the Coach you want to be... 

  1. Identify the Skills of Gaelic Games 

  1. List the six ‘How to Coach’ competencies & How to apply them into your Coaching 

  1. Organise progressive games & activities to develop: 

  1. Skills appropriate to players needs and abilities 

  1. Fundamental Movement Skills appropriate to Gaelic Games 

  1. Highlight differences and similarities while coaching different age group                                                  

  1. Plan, Organise & Deliver quality Coaching Sessions 


  • ICGG Single Code: 7 Hours 50 minutes 

  • ICGG Dual Code: 9 Hours 

Attending a Course:

The ICGG courses are organised locally within each County. To view upcoming courses in your County or to reserve a place on a course Click here. 

The ICGG manual can be downloaded here.