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The Water ‘How To’ document gives an overview of what is included in the Green Club Water Toolkit. The Green Club Water Toolkit has two main action areas: Water Conservation and Water Quality, the first focusing on reducing water use and recycling water and the other on the impact of club activities on rivers, waterways and wildlife. This section includes practical case studies from clubs who have undertaken water conservation and water quality projects, including clubhouse water saving measures, vibrant GAA water murals, river bank planting and maintenance and water awareness initiatives. See for a full collection of Green Club case studies.


The Green Club Water Conservation and Water Quality audit sheets are designed to help your club to decide what Water actions to focus on. This section also includes a Water Meter Reading sheet, for clubs that have safe access to their water meters.


The Water Conservation Action Ideas sheet contains practical suggestions on how to reduce water use and to recycle water in your club and grounds, ranging from behavioural changes to rainwater harvesting and the installtion of water saving devices while the Water Quality sheets contain advice on reducing the impact your club activities have on water quality and wildlife, on promoting actions protect our water resources and on promoting pride in our local water heritage.


The Water Conservation and Quality Action Plans are simple templates to help your club plan and track your Green Club water actions.


These posters and social media templates will help you communicate your Green Club water actions throughout the club.

Water Case Studies