GAA 15: Injury Prevention Programme/Warm Up

The Medical, Scientific and Welfare Committee in conjunction with a working group comprising of Dr. Pat O’Neill, Prof. Niall Moyna, Dr. Pat Duggan, Dr. Kieran Moran, John C. Murphy, Dr. Catherine Blake, and Edwenia O’Malley have developed  the GAA 15, a standardised warm-up programme aimed at reducing the number of injuries sustained by GAA players.  

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GAA 15: Hurling


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GAA 15: Gaelic Football


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GAA 15 Coaching Instructions                                                               

Please click on an image below to take you to a video of that exercise. 


SECTION 1 - Part A: Running [Max 5 mins]



SECTION 2 - Parts B, C, D & E: Improving the mechanics & limiting risk of injury [Max 7 mins]
















SECTION 3 - Part F: Sports Specific Movements [Max 3 mins]



The selected injury prevention intervention is based on programmes incorporated internationally by FIFA (the 11+) (FMARC) and by the Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Research Foundation (PEP) in soccer, the findings from the National Injury database since 2007 and a pilot of the programme in UCD.

The GAA 15 can be undertaken as a standardised warm-up before training and games.



Salaso has produced HD exercise warm-up videos for the 'GAA 15'. Their exercise technology platform aims to keep more players injury-free and to reduce the cost and length of recovery so players get better faster. Salaso use multimedia and technology to enrich and develop the connection between healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists and doctors and the sporting community (athletes, team managers, sports clubs, administration bodies) thereby preventing injury and supporting injured athletes to engage effectively in evidence-based exercise pre-habilitation and rehabilitation programs respectively.



Go to to find out more about what they do.  You can download their Injury Rehab App by clicking here.