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Return to Play Training Advice & Key Tips


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Programme Launch Webinar - March 2nd 2021

The Programme was launched via live webinar on  March 2nd 2021 - the broadcast recording is below:

How to get involved?

Registration for participation in the 'Be Ready to Play' programme opened on March 3rd  2021.

  1. Participants must create an account on this site - for help with creating an account click here for A Registration Guide
  2. Choose your stream (Youth, Adult, Advanced) according to you age and experience as outlined below
  3. Click on the relevant button below to enrol.

Programme Streams

There are 3 streams covered in the Be Ready to Play programme - Youth, Adult and Advanced.  Participants are asked to enrol as follows:  

Click on the appropriate course below to enrol:


*2 years'  strength training age means at least 2 years' experience working consistently with an S&C coach practicing strength training.


Programme Structure 

The Be Ready to Play programme is to be delivered in 2 week blocks beginning with the live webinar on Tuesday 2nd March 2021.  On Wednesday the 3rd of March the athletic development programmes for weeks 1 & 2 for each stream will be published into the relevant zone.  Subsequent webinars and athletic development programme content will be delivered every 2nd Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.  A schedule for the biweekly webinars topics and presenters will follow shortly.


The Programme will include:

  • Athletic Development Programmes updated fortnightly via the 3 courses linked above (Instructional Video & Live Sessions)
  • Monthly Coach education webinars (GAA Coaching Experts & Guests)
  • Monthly Sports Science support webinars (Every Sports Science Discipline covered)

Areas covered in the webinars will include – Coaching, Athletic Development, Psychology and Wellbeing, Nutrition, Performance Analysis, Skill Acquisition & Biomechanics, Physiotherapy and Injury Prevention.