This is a field game designed to improve the ability of players to strike the ball on ground while on the run 


  • Mark out a line of cones at 10m intervals to act as bases; the first cone is the starting base, and home base
  • Divide the players into two equal teams – one striking team and one fielding team
  • Place a sliotar approximately 5m from the starting base; the first player in the line strikes the sliotar on the run anywhere in the field area.
  • They continue to run to each of the bases in turn as the fielding team attempt to retrieve the ball.
  • The play stops when the striking player returns to home base, scoring a point, or when the fielding team touch one of the bases ahead of the striking player, forcing them to stop; the striking player is out if they are touched with the ball while between bases or if a base is touched as they run towards it
  • When all of the players on the striking team are either home or out, reverse the roles

STEP Variation

Space - Depending on the ability of the players, increase or decrease the distance between each base

Equipment - Begin with a larger ball and reduce its size as the players become more proficient.