A heavier ball or a light medicine ball is ideal for developing throwing skills as it focuses the player on their technique


  • Sit with legs astride; throw the ball using a two-handed overarm throw
  • In the kneeling position/on one knee; using a two-handed underarm throw, throw from one side and then the other
  • In a standing position use a two-handed underhand technique with the legs astride
  • Progress to a basketball type throw from the front of the chest; then a two-handed overhand throw
  • In a lying position, sit up and use a basketball throw
  • In a lying position, sit up and use a two-handed overhand throw
  • Introduce targets such as a hoop to improve the accuracy of the throw

Key Points

  • Use a medicine ball of suitable weight and size
  • Ensure the players have enough room to perform the exercise safely
  • Focus on technique


  • An inventory of equipment to support Have a Ball exercises is available in the Resources section