What is Concussion?

  • Concussion is a brain injury that needs to be taken seriously to protect the short and long-term health and welfare of all players.


How should Concussion or Suspected Concussion be managed?

  • If there are any signs leading to the suspicion of concussion, a player should be removed immediately from the field of play pending a full medical assessment (the impact itself may on occasion be considered an indicator even in the absence of any immediate symptoms). A player suspected of sustaining/having sustained a concussion should not return to play on the same day. Subsequently a satisfactory, supervised return to play protocol must be completed, followed by medical approval, prior to return to play. 

  • The key message is: If In Doubt, Sit Them Out.


Concussion Awareness stories:


Gaelic Games Concussion Awareness eLearning Course:

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Concussion Management Guidelines for Gaelic Games:

  • Guideline Document can be downloaded HERE
  • Information Poster can be downloaded HERE
UPMC Concussion Network
The GAA have worked with UPMC over the past number of years, providing education and training to medical professionals involved in the GAA.  They now have appointed number of clinical leads operating in Ireland for specialist treatment for those with prolonged symptoms. A GP/Hosptial can refer players by contacting the Network via the details below. 
The UPMC Concussion Network is revolutionising how concussion is approached in Ireland through education and the development of pathways to viable, standardised concussion testing and treatement. The UPMC Concussion Network Care Pathway is outlined below:

If the injury occurred during a GAA training or practice match, and the other terms of the GAA Injury Benefit fund are met, costs for such consultations other than related physiotherapy treatment, can be claimed via the Injury Benefit Fund.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +353 (0)51376827


UPMC Sports Medicine: Sports Medicine | UPMC Whitfield Hospital

UPMC Concussion Network: The UPMC Concussion Network Ireland



Concussion SCAT 5 - Medical Professional Use Only

VOMS Assessment Guide - Medical Professional Use Only

Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool

Information Sheet for Adult Player & Coaches of Adult Players

Information Sheet for Players (Age 5 -18)

Information Sheet for Coaches/Parent of Players(Age 5-18)  

Information Sheet for Referees