Giving Praise - How to go about it


This is an excellent summary of why its better to praise efftort. have  alook...'s picture


Thanks Jim. Brilliant video. Traditional method of awarding intelligence over effort has been proven flawed with the recent research highlighting differences in rates of biological and psychological maturity.

Interesting video Jimmy. Praise of effort will increase self esteem in children and also lessen the fear of failure. Even if children fail to succeed at a task, praise of their efforts will have a positive effect on their self esteem and also make them more determined to succed if the task is repeated. This strategy of praising children would be ideal in both classroom situations and in a coaching session.

Top class video, really explians the rationale behind praing the effort as opposed to waiting for success. As someone else mentioned, even if the effort isn't successful we all like to know we're "on the right road" and praisng the effort ensures that the child will continue to aim for success.'s picture

"Praise is like sugar. Used too liberally or in an inappropriate way, and it spoils. But used carefully and sparingly, and it can be a wonderful thing!" Check out this article by Richard Bailey which adds some subtlety to the debate above...