GAA Coach Webinar Series 2020

To help coaches through the restricted period during the Covid-19 pandemic , the GAA, An Cumann Camogaíochta and the LGFA created a series of online coach development sessions. The sessions ran every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm, beginning on Thursday, March 26th. Since we have now moved to a new phase of the reopening of Gaelic games, the live sessions have been completed.

Over 14 weeks, we have held a total of 27 separate sessions. Some of the sessions were live Questions and Answers sessions with a coach. Every Thursday we had a live webinar presented by a coach or coach developer. Over the course of the 14 weeks, we had in excess of 19,000 live participants. Over the same time, we had almost 40,000 views Youtube. To view any of the previous sessions, please visit the GAA Learning Youtube Channel ( Presentations from each session are available to download below.

Completed Sessions

Session 1

Topic: Q and A Session with Paudie Butler

Paudie delivered a presentation at the 2017 GAA Games Development Conference entitled 'Values Omptimise Potential' which provided an insight into his latest thinking on coaching and being a coach. All participants are encouraged to review this presentation, and to submit their questions to Paudie using the form above. To access the presentation, visit the 2017 Games Development Conference page at

Presenter: Paudie Butler

Paudie Butler is a GAA Coach and Coach Educator who has supported the development of thousands of players and coaches over the last 30 years. A native of Tipperary, Paudie represented his club Drom Inch and Tipperary at all grades. As a coach and former local Primary School principal, Paudie has been instrumental to the current success of Drom Inch. He has also played a leading part with Tipperary teams of all age groups. As a Coach Educator, Paudie is prehaps the most recognisable Coach Educator in the GAA. He has been at the forefront of developments in the GAA formal coach education programme, having represented Munster on the national Coach Education committees. The inaugural Hurling Development Manager for the GAA, Paudie supported the development of Hurling across the Association.



Session 2

Presenter: Brendan Harpur

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Hurling Camogie_Player Self Reflection Form.xlsHurling Camogie_Player Self Reflection Form.xlsHurling Camogie_Player Self Reflection Form.xlsHurling Camogie_Player Self Reflection Form.xlsHurling Camogie_Player Self Reflection Form.xlsHurling Camogie_Player Self Reflection Form.xlsHurling Camogie_Player Self Reflection Form.xlsClick here to download the Hurling and Camogie Player Self Assessment Materials

Click here to download the Gaelic Football Position Specific Materials


Session 3

Topic: Putting Together a Sustainable Coaching Programme

In this session we will outline the factors that the club needs to consider when developing a Club Coaching Plan, while also looking at ways coaches can successfully sustain their coaching programme in the current climate.

Speaker: Niall Corcoran

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Niall Corcoran started working as a Gaelic Games Promotion Officer with Kilmacud Crokes in 2005.  His role within the club is to support all coaches working at child, youth and adult level, through specifically planned courses and workshops, incorporating recognised principles of best practice in the field of coaching.

Crokes Can Awards_Niall Corcoran.pdfCrokes Can Awards_Niall Corcoran.pdfCrokes Can Awards_Niall Corcoran.pdfCrokes Can Awards_Niall Corcoran.pdfCrokes Can Awards_Niall Corcoran.pdfCrokes Can Awards_Niall Corcoran.pdfCrokes Can Awards_Niall Corcoran.pdfClick here to download the Crokes Can Skill Awards

GAA Skills Booklet_Kilmacud Crokes_Niall Corcoran.pdfGAA Skills Booklet_Kilmacud Crokes_Niall Corcoran.pdfGAA Skills Booklet_Kilmacud Crokes_Niall Corcoran.pdfGAA Skills Booklet_Kilmacud Crokes_Niall Corcoran.pdfGAA Skills Booklet_Kilmacud Crokes_Niall Corcoran.pdfGAA Skills Booklet_Kilmacud Crokes_Niall Corcoran.pdfGAA Skills Booklet_Kilmacud Crokes_Niall Corcoran.pdfClick here to download the Kilmacud Crokes My GAA Skill Booklet

Session 4

Topic: Expression & Freedom for Learning & Development – Let Children Be Children

It is vitally important that we as adults allow each child to have the freedom to express themselves when it comes to their learning and development because learning is FUN. Children need to be treated like children and by facilitating a child’s imagination and creativity we are opening up a whole new learning experience for ourselves as coaches, as well as the children. During this interactive workshop Owen will be using his practical experiences of working with children to show how adults should trust children for their own learning and development. He will speak about incorporate different learning aids and tools that work extremely well in engaging children during his coaching.

Presenter: Owen Mooney 

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Owen is currently the Learning and Games Development Coordinator for Dublin GAA. Previous to this role he was the National Coach & Sport Development Coordinator for Special Olympics Ireland. He spent time in the position of Games Development Officer at the Rockland Gaelic Athletic Association club in New York, USA. Before his move to New York, Owen was a Department of Education Physical Literacy Curriculum Coach and Development Officer with Ulster GAA, working with children from 4-8 years and he was seconded to the position of Ulster Ladies Gaelic as Provincial Development Officer.

He has a real passion for learning and has a very keen interest in Physical Literacy, Child Development, Coach Education and assisting sports and clubs implement sustainable development plans. He is a vastly experienced coach and development officer having worked with men’s and ladies Gaelic Football teams of all ages, as well as teams in other sports. He has helped over 40 clubs implement their Strategic Plans within the areas of Coaching & Games, Governance, Best Practice, Community Engagement, Marketing, Fundraising and Communications.

As a Coach Developer, Owen has presented at the GAA National Games Development Conference in 2011 and 2019, Guest Speaker in Sport & Society at Mercy College New York in April 2019, 2nd and 3rd ICCE iCoachKids International Conferences at Leeds Beckett 2018 and Limerick 2019 respectively, 2017 Rockland Physical Education Teacher Conference in New York, Ulster GAA Coaching & Games Development Conference in 2012 and the UK National Coaching Conference at Ulster University in 2011.

Owen has been a GAA Coach Developer for over 10 years and has facilitated on a vast amount of Foundation, Award One and Award Two Gaelic Football courses and Coach Development workshops all over Ireland, as well as in England for Hertfordshire & Britain GAA and in the United States.

Owen Mooney Q and A - EXPRESSION & FREEDOM.pdfOwen Mooney Q and A - EXPRESSION & FREEDOM.pdfOwen Mooney Q and A - EXPRESSION & FREEDOM.pdfOwen Mooney Q and A - EXPRESSION & FREEDOM.pdfOwen Mooney Q and A - EXPRESSION & FREEDOM.pdfOwen Mooney Q and A - EXPRESSION & FREEDOM.pdfOwen Mooney Q and A - EXPRESSION & FREEDOM.pdfOwen Mooney Q and A - EXPRESSION & FREEDOM.pdfClick here to download presentation

Session 5

Topic: Transitioning from Defence to Attack

Your team has won possession of the ball in defence, your goal is to get the ball moving quickly towards the opponents goal as quickly as possible before the other team has done its job of marking or closing down your options. In transition, your players also need to react quickly, perceive where the spaces and opponents movement are, anticipate plays and make the runs and passes quickly:

The objectives  of the training webinar is to offer coaches practical concepts on how to train transition:

  • Moving play quickly from defence to attack by having to look up to make quick decisions at all times, on & off the ball
  • Identify the principles of defence & attack.
  • Using the Analysis to help us is telling us.
  • Implementing the components of Tactical Transition
  • Demonstrate what good transition looks like in a game.
  • How to integrate this into your coaching practice

Presenter: Gerard O'Connor

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Gerard hails from Co Tyrone has been involved in sports development for over 20 years and is currently working as the Director of Coaching within Dublin GAA were he is responsible for Coach education staff training and club development. He has coached and managed at every level from Nursery to Inter-county in both Football and Hurling. Gerard has played a leading role in the development and delivery of the GAA Coach Education Programme at national level and is also a Master tutor with the Leinster Tutor group. Gerard is the author and contributor to a series of articles and books which are among some of the best coaching resources in the sport.

Session 6

Topic: The Coach: Principal or Principled?

Stuart Lancaster delivered a Key Note address at the GAA Games Development Conference in 2018 entitled ‘The Coach: Principal or Principled’. To access the presentation that Stuart delivered that day, and to inform questions that you might have for Stuart visit:

Speaker: Stuart Lancaster

Stuart Lancaster is the Senior Coach of the Leinster Rugby team. He is a former England Head Coach at Senior level, and the English RFU’s Elite Rugby Director. As a player, he played for Scotland at Students, U.19 and U. 21 level. He is one of the most accomplished coaches in sport, and has consulted with and learned from a variety of sports.

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Session 7

Topic: The Match-Play Demands of Hurling: 3 years in the making

Damien will take us through the most up to date knowledge about the demands of hurling. He will focus on the duration and activity demands of the game and will provide some coaching implications that we as coaches can put into our practice sessions.

Presenter: Dr Damien Young

Damien is a lecturer on the full-time Sports Strength and Conditioning course at Limerick Institute of Technology.  He has recently completed his Ph.D, where he investigated the match-play demands of hurling. Damien has represented both his club, Drom & Inch and County, Tipperary at every level on the field of play. He has been the Performance Analyst with the Tipperary senior hurlers since 2008. Damien is GAA Coach and GAA and Coaching Ireland Coach Educator. He has published eight research papers in International Journals about the demands of hurling and has presented at the National GAA Coaching Conference “So Many Decisions, So Little Time”, and the World Congress of Performance Analysis in Sport.

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Session 8

Topic: Coaching the Female Player.

This webinar is based on the practical experience of Orlaith and Cliodhna along with current coaching research.

The opening section will be an honest discussion of the perceived and real differences between coaching males and females; suggestions where these differences come from and how they can be misinterpreted by coaches.

The second half of the presentation explores some real life interventions used by the coaches in order to improve team culture, the "coachability" of the players and the creation of a positive and ambitious training environment.

Presenter: Cliodhna O'Connor and Orlaith Curran

Cliodhna O'Connor is a coach educator and athlete development coach who works with both individual athletes and teams. Cliodhna has supported athletes from a range of sports and standards. Within the GAA she has worked with all four codes and is currently a member of the Dublin Senior Hurling support team. 

Orlaith Curran is currently working for UCD's Ad Astra Elite Academy as an S&C coach. She is also the lead Athletic Performance Coach for the Irish Women's Rugby XVs team. In addition, she oversees the athletic performance of the U21 girls Irish Hockey team. Previously, she was in New Zealand for 2.5 years working for the Taranaki Rugby Union in an S&C role along with a Women's Rugby Development role. Prior to leaving for New Zealand Orlaith worked as a GAA Games Development Officer in Dublin for 2 years. 

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Session 9

Topic: Empowering your Players: Lessons learned from top managers

Presenter: Shane Keegan

Shane Keegan is a sports coach and a free lance journalist. He is the former manager of both Wexford Youths and Galway United in the SSE Airtricity League, and a student of coaching having studied coaches across several sports. Along the way Shane has attained a UEFA Pro Licence and an MSc in Coaching Science from UCD.

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Session 10

Topic: Becoming a Better Coach

Successful coaching requires deep knowledge both of effective coaching strategies and the principles that underpin them. That knowledge is then used to create a system for long-term coaching success. No secrets, no short-cuts, no magic formulas – just time-tested strategies grounded in enduring principles of quality coaching.

The principles and strategies shared in this interactive lecture are based on lessons learned from over 25 years of studying, teaching, and working with some of the most successful coaches around the world, including coach of the 20th century John Wooden. Wade presented at the GAA Games Development Conference in 2017, and can be viewed online at

Presenter: Prof Wade Gilbert

Dr. Wade Gilbert is an internationally renowned coaching consultant and sport scientist, as well as an award-winning professor in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, Fresno.

Gilbert has conducted coaching workshops around the world spanning all competitive levels and in just about every sport imaginable. In addition to authoring the highly acclaimed book Coaching Better Every Season and over 100 scientific publications, he was the lead author for the USOC Quality Coaching Framework and also serves as Editor-in-Chief of the International Sport Coaching Journal.

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 Click here to download Prof Wade Gilbert Presentation

Session 11

Topic: Performance Analysis - Why is it valuable?

This presentation will focus on the critical factors that make Performance Analysis such a crucial component of how teams prepare and coach their players. I will also have a look at what the research tells us about Gaelic and Hurling in 2020 and then take a deep dive into some games from last season to see what the analysis told us.

Presenter: Johnny Bradley

Johnny is a highly experienced performance analyst who has worked with elite athletes from a wide range of sports at numerous major championships. Johnny was Performance Analyst at the Sports Institute Northern Ireland for ten years before moving to work as a lecturer in Sports Performance Analysis at Institute of Technology in Carlow in 2017. He has provided support to elite athletes from a wide range of sports including hockey, triathlon, rugby union, Gaelic football, Hurling, netball and swimming.

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Session 12

Topic: Game Centred Approaches to Sport

Presenter: Dr Shane Pill

Shane Pill is an Associate Professor at Flinders University, Australia. Shane lectures in curriculum studies, physical education and sport pedagogy. He has been program coordinator for the Secondary Education degree programs, Research Higher Degrees, and the Sport, Health and Physical Education discipline. He has published over 150 scholarly and academic papers. Shane is the author of six popular resource texts on the concept of Play with Purpose using a Game Sense approach for PE teaching and sport coaching. Shane has worked with community, state and national sport organisations on research initiatves, coach education, and resource development: Cricket Australia, National Rugby League, Tennis Australia, the Australian Football League (AFL), the South Australian Football League (SANFL), West Australian Football Commission (WAFL), South Australian Cricket Association (SACA), Lacrosse Australia, and the South Australian Institute for Sport (SASI).

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Session 13

Topic: Nature and Nurture of Coaches

Presenter:  Liam Moggan

Born in Tuam Co Galway and now living in Co Meath, Liam Moggan has been involved with coaching and coach development for over 40 years. Liam has been instrumental in supporting and advising on the development of the coach education structure in Ireland, and has been responsible for the delivery of top quality training to thousands of tutors / coach educators. He has worked closely with coaches of all levels, from grassroots to some of sports high performance teams, usually in the background in his own quiet and unassuming way. 

Liam has been the subject of several newpaper articles since his retirement from Coaching Ireland, and has presented at the GAA Games Development Conference in 2019. 

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Session 14

Presenter: Eamon O'Shea

Eamon O'Shea is currently coach to the Tipperary Senior Hurling team, having served as both coach and manager previously. A former senior hurler for Tipperary and Kilruane McDonaghs, O’Shea won one National Hurling League winners' medal with Tipperary, alongside an All-Ireland senior club medal, one Munster and four county club championship medals.

When Liam Sheedy was appointed manager of the Tipperary senior team, O'Shea joined his backroom team as coach. In that time the team won the National Hurling League, Munster and All Ireland honours. As a manager, O’Shea took over from Declan Ryan, winning one Munster Senior Hurling title. He has returned as coach, winning the All Ireland Senior Championship in 2019.  

Eamon O'Shea is Professor of Economics in the School of Business and Economics at the National University of Ireland Galway. He is founder Director of the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology and is currently Director of the Centre for Economic & Social Research on Dementia at NUI Galway

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Session 15

Topic: Tactical Periodisation Model for Gaelic football

This presentation will focus on a contemporary approach to Gaelic football training, based around the technical and physical demands of the sport. 

Presenter:  Shane Mangan

Shane Mangan born in Oldcastle, Co. Meath is a sport scientist and lecturer. He is one of the leading researchers in Gaelic sports and has recently finished writing his PhD in the area of technical and running performance in Gaelic football. Shane has worked with a number of inter county and club teams across Gaelic football, hurling, ladies Gaelic football and camogie. Currently based in Technological University Dublin, he lectures on the Sport Science and Health and Sport Studies courses. 

To view Shane’s publications relating to Gaelic sport see

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Session 16

Topic: Looking after mind & body

Des will be sharing family friendly information to help stay active, manage healthy routines, and look after mind & body while staying at home. He will discuss keeping a regular routine, and doing regular activities, which will help this tough period go more smoothly. We are also currently in the Ramadan period and I will briefly share some advice for sports people over this period. Des will also be happy to to answer any questions particularly in the area of player physical development.

Presenter: Des Ryan (Head of Academy Sport Medicine and Sports Science at Arsenal FC)

Des joined Arsenal FC in February 2013 after a successful strength and conditioning career in the rugby world. Des worked for the IRFU as fitness education manager and his responsibilities involved managing the Continued Professional Development (CPD) programme for IRFU strength and conditioning coaches and managing the fitness development structures for rugby players in under-19 sides and below. Before this, Des worked as head fitness advisor at Connacht Rugby from 1998 to 2008. During this time he had worked with the Ireland A rugby team for three years and assisted with the Ireland senior team.

At Arsenal Des is the head of the academy sport medicine and sport science department. He over sees the physical development of players aged from 8 to 23. During his time at Arsenal Des has helped develop the approach, size of the department and the facilities at the academy. This has helped support a number of players graduate from the academy to the first team. During his time at the Academy the sport science and medicine department have won three UKSCA awards. Arsenal was this first soccer team to win an award from the UKSCA.     

He has also extensive experience in the world of GAA. Training Roscommon and Galway from 2001 to 2005 and also advising various Minor and U21 county teams from 2006 to 2013. During that time Des was part of John Tobin’s 2001 backroom team when Roscommon won the Connacht Senior Football Championship. He was also part of Peter Forde’s backroom team in 2005 when Galway won the Connacht Senior Football Championship and also the All Ireland U21 Championship the same year.  

Des has completed a Masters in Strength and Conditioning and is also a tutor with the IRFU, Setanta College and a tutor trainer with World Rugby. He has been UKSCA accredited since 2008 and In 2016 Des completed the BASES high performance sport accreditation and charted scientist accreditation. He has a keen interest in the area of developing a player over a long term and has presented at many conferences around the world over the last few years including the UKSCA, ASCA and NSCA Conferences.

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Session 17

Topic: Topic- 'Preparing David to face Goliath- A case study'

Ciaran will be presenting strategies and tips in preparing your team to face a better resourced club or county. Rather than look at a theoretical framework, he will present his experiences working for QPR FC and how he previously prepared his London GAA team to compete against Galway, Mayo and others.

Presenter: Ciaran Deely (QPR FC Academy Sport Scientist)

Ciaran is the Sport Scientist at Queens Park Rangers FC Academy where he is pursuing a PhD through Northumbria University in 'Profiling Neuromuscular Fatigue and Recovery in elite Youth Soccer Players.' He is the CEO of Deely Sport Science Ltd- an online community of Coaches and Sport Scientists at

He is a former Manager & Coach for London GAA, Fitness Coach for Kerala Blasters in the Indian Super League, Games Promotion Officer for Dublin GAA, and player for Wexford GAA.

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Session 18

Topic: Returning to Gaelic games post COVID - Keeping your squad fit and preventing injury

This webinar will look at the issues facing GAA athletes in the current COVID 19 situation and how to address them. We  look at the return to play post COVID, and ways we can mitigate for time out of play.   We will look at specific ways of tailoring training to avoid injuries both in the ’small group scenarios' and also in the main group training when players return. We will discuss injury prevention and recovery strategies to use with your players during a condensed playing calendar. 
Presenter: Eamon O'Reilly

Eamon is a chartered physiotherapist and clinic lead of SPARC South Dublin. He has worked with a number of intercounty teams in both football and hurling. He has worked with the Dublin hurlers since 2011. He has worked as physiotherapist for the Irish International Rules team on 3 different series. He has also been involved in physiotherapy services for the Irish high performance boxing teams. Eamon is also a current serving member on the national GAA’s medical, scientific and welfare committee. He also served on the sports science expert group for the GAA.  His main clinicial area of expertise involves complex chronic athletic injuries around the hip including recurrent hamstring issues, abdominal and hip/groin issues.

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Session 19

Topic: TURAS: An Evidence Based Approach to Talent Development in the GAA

TURAS – the Irish word for Journey – was chosen as the name of the Leinster GAA’s Coach Development programme to reflect the journey taken by both coaches and players as they play and stay in the GAA. TURAS recognises that coaching is central to player development and investing in quality, long-term and sustainable coach education will have significant and positive impacts on the progress of young players and the competiveness of senior teams into the future. In this webinar, Aine and James will present the evidence, rationale and principles underpinning the TURAS programme. Attendees will be able to consider how to practically apply the TURAS coaching principles to their own coaching and context

Presenters: Dr Áine MacNamara and James Devane

Áine MacNamara is an Associate Professor in Elite Performance at Dublin City University. Áine’s background is in physical education and coaching and she has worked with young people in a range of sporting environments as an educator, coach and sports psychology consultant. Her main research interest is in Talent Development and Coach Development and she has published widely including over 45 peer-review journals, 15 book chapters and technical reports, and two books. She has consulted with a range of sporting organisations in the UK and Ireland to help them develop Talent Development pathways and policies as well as providing coach and parent education to support the implementation of these ideas and frequently engages with NGBs of sport by contributing to coach education and player development workshops.

James Devane is the Provincial Coaching & Games Manager for Leinster GAA since 2015, having previously worked in Games Development for Kildare GAA. James has led the design, development and implementation of the TURAS Coach Education programme across Leinster. Since 2018, over 6000 coaches, from nursery through to inter-county level have participated in the TURAS coach education programme through workshops, seminars and on-pitch mentoring. James has also responsibility for coach development in Leinster, working closely with Games Development staff developing coaches at Club, School & Talent Academy level.

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Session 20

Presenter: Dr. Julia Walsh
Julia is a senior academic working at Latrobe University. Her research interests are specific to coaching and coach education. She is Head Coach of the Australian Boomerangs, the Australian men’s  basketball team for athletes with an intellectual disability. Julia also coaches high performance junior girls in the Victorian Basketball Junior Basketball League. 

Date: Thursday, june 4th at 7.30pm (Irish Time)

Topic: Coaching is a Series of Ephiphanies

A reminder for coaches to be open to change, even when comfortable.....and to explore as many avenues as possible when seeking better ways to help players learn. 

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Session 21

Presenter: Philip Kerr

Philip Kerr is from the O’Donovan Rossa club in Magherafelt, Derry. The recently retired teacher has coached at all levels from Nursery to Senior Inter County. He is a vastly experienced Tutor for the GAA. The author of 3 Coaching Books, he has co-authored 3 more. He has a particular interest in coaching the individual player and the use of technology to help in this regard.

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Session 22

Topic: The GAA Player Development Pathway - A new era of player development

This session will focus on the developing GAA Player Development Pathway and the outputs from the recent Talent Academy and Player Development report, involving one of hte most comprehensive consultation processes across the GAA.

Speakers: Michael Dempsey & Dr. Brian Cuthbert

Michael Dempsey is chair of the GAA Talent Academy and Player Development review group. A former Laois Senior footballer, Michael was coach to the hugely successful Kilkenny Senior Hurling team. He is currently based in IT Carlow, where he is the GAA Programme Director.

Dr. Brian Cuthbert is Principal of Scoil an Spioraid Naomh in Bishopstown in Cork. A former dual player, Brian represented Cork at all levels as a player, and has served as manager to the Cork Minor and Senior teams. One of the leading lights on the Talent Academy and Player Development review group, Brian completed his PhD in 2018 investigating elite youth Gaelic footballers and their holistic development.

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Session 23

Topic: Recovery to Enhance Performance

In this webinar, Barry will focus on the practical application of his performance recovery research within a team sport setting at Brumbies Rugby. Barry will discuss the performance recovery principles he adopts, with a focus on programming effective evidence-based recovery strategies that can be applied with low or minimal budgets and facilities. This webinar will conclude with a Q&A where Barry will further discuss the area of performance recovery, sleep and aspects of his applied S&C coaching role in a high performance team sport setting.

Presenter: Barry Horgan

Barry Horgan is a club member of Naomh Maur GAA in Dublin, however, he is currently based in Canberra, Australia since 2015. Barry is employed as the Head of Performance, Academy and Pathways at Brumbies Rugby, while simultaneously completing part-time PhD studies (Performance Recovery) at the Australian Institute of Sport, in conjunction with Edith Cowan University.

Date: Tuesday, June 16th at 6pm (Irish Time)

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Topic: COVID-19 Club Information

A Club Briefing via webinar to explain the role of Covid Supervisors/Club Officers and common Club queries addressed by the Advisory Group since the publication of the Guidelines, e.g. preparation of facilities.

Presenters: Shay Bannon, Dr Kevin Moran, Feargal McGill

Shay Bannon is Chair of the Gaelic Games Covid-19 advisory group. From Tipperary, Shay is also chair of the GAA Heath and Safety Committee.
Dr Kevin Moran is a member of the Gaelic Games Covid-19 advisory group and Donegal team doctor.
Feargal McGill is the GAA Director of Player, Club, and Games Administration.

Session 24


Date: Thursday, June 18th at 7.30pm (Irish time)
Topic: Practical Positive Psychology for Well-being and Motivation
Presenter: Dr Ciara Losty & Dr Gerry Fitzpatrick.
Dr Cíara Losty is a lecturer in applied sport and exercise psychology in Waterford Institute of Technology and course leader for the MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology programme. Cíara is accredited as a Professional Member by Irish Institute of Sport Professional Quality Assurance Committee in in the area of sport psychology delivery. Cíara currently works with a range of Olympic athletes in preparation for Tokyo 2021. Currently Cíara works with modern pentathlon, track and field, jump and flat jockeys and various Gaelic athletic association snr teams. Ciara is the current sport psychology service provide for the jockey pathway. The jockey pathway provides sport science and sport psychology support to all licensed jockeys. The Pathway’s primary goal is to ensure that all Jockeys will have access to a professional sport science support system which will enable them to make the most of their ability, achieve the highest standards and prolong their careers in racing. 

Gerry Fitzpatrick currently works at the Department of Health Sport & Exercise Science, Waterford Institute of Technology. Gerry does research in Applied Sport Psychology and also in the Strength and Conditioning field. Their current programme is the MSc in Applied Sport Psychology.

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PDF icon Click here to download the Ciara Losty & Gerry Fitzpatrick presentation


Session 25

Topic: COVID - 19: Return to Coaching

This webinar will focus on the coaching activities that coaches can engage in when pitches reopen for training.

Presenters: Matin Fogarty, Niall Williams, and Stephen O'Shaughnessy

Martin Fogarty is the GAA Hurling Development manager. Martin is a All Ireland winning coach with Kilkenny Senior and U. 21 teams.

Niall Williams is the Coach Education Coordinator for the Camogie Association. An experienced coach, Niall has coached at senior Inter County level in both Hurling and Camogie with the Meath Senior Hurlers, and the Kilkenny Senior Camogie team.

Stephen O'Shaughnessy is the Football Development Officer for Dublin GAA. A former Dublin Senior Footballer, Stephen is from the Lucan Sarsfields club.

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Session 26

Date: Thursday, June 25th at 7.30pm (Irish time)

Topic: "THE NEXT DANCE": Psycho-Social Aspects of Returning to Play

As preparations gather pace for a return to sport in Ireland, an important transition lies ahead. This webinar explores the psycho-social aspects of a return to sport for players, athletes, coaches and teams. While primarily aimed at coaches, the insights and information shared will be of great interest to anyone involved in Gaelic games.

Presenter: Dr Ciaran Kearney

Dr Ciarán Kearney is an independent applied psychologist specialising in performance improvement, accountability, team culture and mental health. Since graduating from Ulster University in 1997 with a First Class Honours in Applied Psychology, he has gained postgraduate qualifications in Counselling and Group Work, an MSc. in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology, and a PhD on Performance Accountability and Culture Change. He has peer reviewed publications in mental health and adult learning and his book Pure Sport: Sport Psychology in Action, which he recently co-authored with two eminent psychologists, has been listed as one of the top sport science books of 2020. 

For several years, Ciarán has lectured part-time at both St Mary's University College Belfast and Ulster University and he is currently Programme Co-ordinator with Gaelfast. He has extensive professional experience across a range of sectors including community development, government and sport. He has Level 2 coach awards from both UK athletics and the GAA and won provincial and all-Ireland honours at underage for his college and county. 

Of special relevance to tonight's webinar, Ciarán has substantial experience in providing sport psychology support in Gaelic football and hurling at club, college and county level. He has helped Tyrone champions Trillick, Down champions Kilcoo, and title winning hurling teams in Rossa and Dunloy. At inter-county level, he has provided support to Derry from 2013-2105, Monaghan in 2018, and from 2019 has been with Down Senior Footballers. He also provides psychological support to St Mary's University College Belfast who won the Sigerson Cup in 2017 for the first time in 28 years, beating favourites UCD. 

Ciarán is currently completing his final stage of supervision to become a Chartered Psychologist in Sport & Exercise. 

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