Games Development Conference Exhibition Village

At the GAA Games Development Conference, a special exhibition villiage will be constructed showcasing many of the leading suppliers of games development products for clubs and schools. Exhibitors attending the Conference will be listed below.


Company Who are we? Website
O'Neills Licenced GAA Sportswear, footballs, equipment, accessories, and leisurewear.
Torpey Hurleys

Founded in 1981, Torpey Hurleys have become a leading brand in the manufacture of high quality player-friendly hurleys over the past four decades. Boasting the widest choice in hurleys in the marketplace, development and growth of the game hurling is a key focus of our company.

The Torpey ethos of ‘Growing the Game’ aims to increase participation in hurling and camogie amongst young people by making the sport more accessible. We believe that by removing the barriers to participation for young players that are trying the sport for first time or have recently taken up the sport is integral to long-term participation and player progression.
FSL Scoreboards

FSL Scoreboards is the leading company in Ireland for the design and manuracture of GAA scoreboards. FSL currently have scoreboards in 31 of the 32 County Grounds in Ireland. 

FSL Scoreboards have recently released their latest version of the Jump Mat, which is being sold throughout Europe, the US, and Australia.The Jump Mat is a app based lower body power measurement tool, which will allow athletes and coaches to gain instant feedback on 24 different jump tests, which can be exported and analysed through the App.
Setanta College Setanta College is an internationally renowned centre of excellence in all aspects of strength and conditioning and athletic development. Over the past 12 years we have grown to be a world leading provider of sport and fitness education through our bespoke courses and programmes.
Perform Better

Perform Better are the UK's most innovative supplier of performance strength and conditioning equipment, and sports science/testing equipment in the UK.

We specialise in the Elite Professional Sports and Education markets and are committed to providing the latest and most cutting edge equipment. Perform betters are constantly updating our product range to ensure that we offer our customers the latest technologies from around the world.

With over 11 years of trading, Perform Better supply strength and conditioning equipment to the majority of Premiership Football, and Rugby teams, National Governing Bodies, Institutes of Sport and many of the UK's leading Universities.

Perform Better provide a full bespoke package from an initial free 3D design to a full gym installation, offering guidance and advice to ensure that we provide a training facility that meets your needs.

A major strength of Perform Better is our expertise in sports science. Out sports scientists provide a service that ensures that our customers get the most from their equipment, both during installation and after.
GD Coach Planner

GD CoachPlanner offers GAA coaches of all grades & ages the opportunity to plan, prepare develop and monitor each session through our coaching planners

Custom Gyms

Customs Gyms is a Design and Manufacturing business within the Strength and Conditioning Industry.

We offer customised 3D CAD designs of gym facilities to suit our customers’ needs.

We manufacture the products and also offer installation services. We provide a wide range of certified equipment including Rigs, Power Racks, Barbells, Bumper Plates, Flooring, Platforms, Resistance Bands.

All our Rigs and Power Racks are customisable to suit facilities colour schemes.
ND Sports Performance

ND Sports Performance develop training, conditioning and rehabilitation solutions for athletes of all levels to target improvements in performance and recovery time and to pre-habilitate against specific injury type.

Current products are the Hamstring Solo - Pro (non instrumented, trainer bench) an exercise aid that enables athletes and players to safely perform a diversity of high-tension isometric, eccentric and concentric exercise options at a wide variety of velocities and angles, improving performance and making the hamstring group of muscles more resilient. Train your hamstrings Efficiently, Effectively, Anywhere, Anytime  

The Hamstring Solo - Elite provides an accurate, cost-effective means of assessing hamstring strength and asymmetry between left and right hamstrings, both recognised risk factors predisposing to hamstring injury. Providing practitioners with unique insight into athletes hamstring function, allowing them to identify athletes at risk of injury and tailor their training regime accordingly.
Sports Surgery Clinic Private hospital specialising in orthopaedic and spinal surgery and sports injuries
SNG Sports Suppliers and installers of sports netting
Hackman Enterprises

We specialise in supplying a broad range of promotional products for the sports, commercial and industrial market sectors.

Our collection consists of over 5,500 high quality products. 

Our facilities include a fully equipped manufacturing, printing and artwork unit capable of producing a range of high quality sports and travel bags in a variety of styles, Colours and specifications.
My Club Shop MyClubShop enables GAA clubs to generate extra income by selling gear, equipment and other merchandise through their own online shop. The idea was born out of our passion for sport and involvement at local club level.

Clubs are under financial pressure with insurance, maintenance and other costs. Supporters want to play their part by contributing in their own small way. If you can make it easy for them, everyone stands to win.
Performa Sports

We are a team of sports people focused on evolving the role, speed, and simplicity of mobile and cloud technology as a game-changer for performance analysis and coaching.

We believe in the power of athlete engagement for personal development and the role of reflective practice for both performer and coach to improve observation, communication and learning. Working at levels in sport, we specialise in the integration of analysis within the coaching process for athlete development using Performa Sports iPad app and integrated cloud analytics platform.

Learning is a key driver for us. We work alongside Ulster University in the delivery of accredited performance analysis training and with Loughborough University in the area of coach behaviour analysis for coach education and talent ID.