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Green Club 'Easy Treesie' Planting Project 2021 

To mark the launch of Phase 1 of the GAA Green Club Programme,  the Easy Treesie – Crann Project (  supported by Coillte ( and Trees on the Land ( are providing GAA, Camogie and LGFA clubs with a generous allocation of native tree saplings.   


Coillte and Trees on the Land will donate and deliver approx. 50,000 native saplings to the project. Interested Clubs are invited to request between 300 and 1000 Trees by completing the form below by Friday Feb 26th so that the trees can be delivered in time to plant by end of March (National Tree Week is March 21st to March 27th).  


Kilmeen/Kilbree GAA, Co. Cork, devoted some of the club’s land to planting pollinator-friendly plants and 1,000 native trees (a mix of oak, birch, rowan, alder and hawthorn), with help from children in Kilmeen National School and Kilmeen and Castleventry Community Development Association (KCCDA). “This is a win-win for our community, our club, our climate and our biodiversity.” - Orla Harrington, KCCDA.


The Easy Treesie Project aims to plant 1M trees with Ireland’s 1M school children and their communities by 2023 joining the UNESCO-backed Plant-for-the-Planet’s challenge, reducing global heating by 1° during the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, 2021-31   

For interested Clubs, approx.. 300 trees will fit in an area of 100 meters squared/quarter of an acre, potentially creating a shelter belt. Where Club land is unavailable or inaccessible due to Covid-19 restrictions, distribution to your communities for public/garden/farm planting is acceptable given this year’s constraints. As they say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now!  


These are the sapling types available to the Easy Treesie – Crann Project from Coillte.

  • Common Alder 80 – 120 cm Native, bare-root 
  • Common Birch, 80 – 120 cm, Native, bare-root 
  • Silver Birch, 80 – 120 cm, Native, bare-root 
  • Spindle Tree 25 – 40 cm, Native, plug 120 cc 
  • Holly 25 – 40cm, native, plug, 150cc 
  • Hazel 30-50cm Native, plug, 120 cc 
  • Pedunculate Oak 80 – 120 cm Native, bare-root 
  • Sessile Oak 30-50cm, Native plug 150 cc 
  • Rowan 50 – 80 cm Native, bare-root 
  • Scots Pine, 30+cm, Native, bare-root 
  • White Thorn (Hawthorn), 50 – 80 cm Native, bare-root 

These are the sapling types available to the Easy Treesie – Crann Project from Trees on the Land for Clubs in Northern Ireland. 

  • Oak
  • Birsh
  • Alder
  • Pine
  • Hazel

Questions we ask of our sapling recipients; Complete in the form below; 

- Name of Contact Person 

- Email Address of Contact Person 

- Delivery Address including Eircode where possible 

- Mobile Number and a backup number if possible 

- Name of Community Group/Club 

- Address of Proposed Planting Site (s)

- Special Requests e.g. Hedgerow/Woodland/Garden varieties, For a wet/exposed/elevated site or Types/species of Trees preferred

- Number of Trees Requested; (trees come in lots of 100 in forestry bags, usually around the size of large bin bags. 1,000 fit in a standard car. We recommend planting in tight spacing as typically seen along motorways to achieve a mini-woodland/shelterbelt effect at a spacing of 1m apart/3,000 per hectare, e.g. 30 in a car-parking-sized space; 300 in the size of a typical good-sized classroom). We like to plant a mix of 3 – 5 species suitable for the site to promote resilience. 


Supporting the Trees

- Store the saplings carefully prior to planting in a cool place, keeping the roots moist, planting them in a timely fashion 

endeavour to ensure their survival to the best of their ability by, in their early years of becoming established suppressing weeds around them. Mulching if you can after planting is a good way to do this if you can and/ or trampling weeds around the base 3 times during the growing season is effective.   

- Water if required should there be a lengthy dry spell 

- Most importantly, ensure they do not get mown or strimmed away by accident! – safest to reserve the spot for biodiversity. 


Request Trees Here


Resources to help:

  • All-Ireland Pollinator Plan for Sports Clubs Click Here
  • How to Plant a Tree Sapling Click Here 
  • Native Woodland Trust - Trees For Schools Planting & Identification Guide Click Here



We will do a workshop to support the tree planting in the coming weeks.


Have you any queries? Or just want to let us know how you get on? Email [email protected] or share on socialmedia #gaagreenclub