Defibrillator Scheme


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GAA Defibrillator Guidelines

The Medical, Scientific and Welfare Committee has produced guidelines which gives GAA Clubs advice and recommendations in key areas such as acquisition, accessibility & storage, training and maintenance of AEDs. To view the guidelines, click here.


Defibrillator Maintenance

The Medical, Scientific and Welfare Committee in partnership with Heartsafety Solutions are now offering GAA Clubs the opportunity to avail of a defibrillator maintenance offer which includes inspection of batteries, pads, ancillary equipment and hardware for a cost of €20 and with a guarantee of a five day turn around.

Each machine will be picked up on a Monday morning by courier and inspected by Heartsafety at their headquarters in Dublin, an action report form will be completed and the relevant Club Secretary will be contacted to see if he/she would like any updates performed.

In addition, GAA clubs can now purchase a defibrillator from Heartsafety Solutions at a reduced cost of €813 plus VAT. Clubs wishing to avail of this offer or to have their machines inspected for €20 should contact [email protected] / 01-4578719 or 1850 432787


GAA Defibrillator Scheme

In 2005, the GAA launched a nationwide initiative to help Clubs tackle the phenomenon of Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome. The GAA purchased high-quality Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and provided them at every County Ground for on-site use by trained county personnel.

Background to Cardio Vascular Disease

Cardio Vascular Disease is Ireland’s biggest killer, with in the region of 10,000 deaths each year. Six thousand are from sudden cardiac arrest and 70 per cent of these occur outside of hospital. It is imperative that sports clubs and organisations are equipped and prepared to respond in the context of these statistics. The current survival rate of an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Ireland is 1 per cent. There is significant evidence to suggest that early intervention can have a major impact on survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest.

Defibrillator Scheme in conjunction with Heartsafety Solutions

GAA Clubs nationwide have the option to purchase an AED at cost price from Heartsafety Solutions. The Samaritan PAD is now available for €999 including VAT. It is specifically designed for non-medically trained rescuers and comes with the following features:

• 10 Year Warranty

• Lifetime support and software upgrades

• FREE Spare Pad-Pak (battery & pads cartridge)

• FREE Soft Carry Case

• FREE Response Kit

Please contact Heartsafety Solutions on 1850 432 787 or [email protected] for more details on what is a guaranteed Irish product.

Defibrillator Exchange Programme

AEDs which would have been purchased at the beginning of the GAA Defibrillator Scheme may now be approaching the expiry of their warranty. A defibrillator exchange programme is in operation with HeartSafety Solutions whereby a further €100 reduction off the discounted GAA Club prices is available when the clubs ‘trades-in’ an old defibrillator. The club, in exchange for their old unit, gets a brand new defibrillator with 10 Year warranty as follows:

Exchange Programme (including trade-in discount):

Samaritan PAD350P: €750+VAT with trade-in reduction (RRP is €999+VAT)

Samaritan PAD500P: €950+VAT with trade-in reduction ( RRP is €1450+VAT)

Please contact Heartsafety Solutions on 1850 432 787 or [email protected] for more details on what is a guaranteed Irish product.

Samaritan PAD - User Video

This informative video takes you step by step through a rescue scenario and shows how the samaritan PAD can help save a life.Click here to play the video.


ACT to Ensure Heart Safety at your Club

Accessible – make sure that your defibrillator is stored in an area where ACCESS is not restricted, remember time is critical. Specialised units are available for outdoor storage.

Charged – Ensure that your defibrillator is fully CHARGED and that self-tests have passed by carrying out weekly inspections. Ensure that your battery and pads (pad-paks) have not reached their expiry date.

Trained – Ensure there are enough TRAINED rescuers to respond anytime the Clubhouse or pitches are occupied.

Certified training courses are available from

>  the Irish Heart Foundation (

>  Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (

> Heart Safety Solutions (

> The Cormac Trust ( (Ulster only)



Storage and Maintenance

• We remind Clubs of the importance of correct storage and maintenance of the Club defibrillator

• Performance of the defibrillator may be compromised if the manufacturer’s recommendations are ignored

• For Clubs who purchased their defibrillator as part of the National Defibrillator Scheme, if you have been storing your defibrillator in an unsuitable external cabinet, you can get your machine checked free of charge by contacting1850 432 787 or by e-mailing [email protected]

• Approved, heated, outdoor cabinets are available from Heartsafety Solutions on 1850 432 787 or by e-mailing - [email protected]

• Maintaining your defibrillator is very easy, a weekly inspection is essential to ensure this life-saving equipment is always ready if required

• Please read your user manual and visit for demo video

Click Here for a templater maintenace checklist for use in your club

Irish Medicines Board Advice on Automated External Defibrillators

The IMB has published this leaflet to provide advice on selecting and purchasing an AED for use in a community setting. It also provides recommendations for maintaining the device after it has been purchased. Please click here to view the leaflet.

For further information on the scheme available to Clubs, please contact the Player Welfare Manager - Kevin Leahy ([email protected])